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12-21-2012 It's the end of the World!! Well not really but play along

Since today clearly is the last day we'll all spend on earth you get to choose ONE headphone (and amp if you'd like that you either own now or in the past) and ONE song that you can listen to before the world blows up in a few hours. Don't be lame and just all say HD800 or Stax or LCD-3's, this needs to come from the heart since you're all going to be gone in a few hours so make it count! Now if that means it was your first pair of $3 headphones or the ones your brother gave you before he left on deployment just make it mean something. And no making fun of the selections this is a semi-serious matter (not really but like I said in the title, play along).

The Song:

The song to me was a total no brain-er in that I didn't have to give it a second thought. Nothing else Matters by Metallica during what to me is the greatest album of my time The Metallica S&M Album. Forget the Mona Lisa and Beethoven's 5th symphony, this to ME is the single greatest artistic creation in all of human history.

The Headphone:

Now the headphones were a little tougher to decide but ultimately the choice came down to three. HE-400, D5000, and B&W P5. Now the P5 doesn't belong anywhere in the running if I was to compare the three together but they were the first real headphones I ever owned that almost made me tear up (by almost I mean did make me tear up but way to manly to admit that) when I heard what music was supposed to sound like. At the time I had been a um... Beats owner... Yah I know please don't start throwing objects at me. At the time I was under the impression just like tons of other misguided souls that Beats Studio was the greatest headphone EVER! Loud, boomy, and oh so sweet to look at plus every athlete here in the states was wearing them and of course like 26 inch rims they all know what's cool and stylish right? So after stumbling across a few random brands like Fanny Wang I came across the P5's. Being familiar with B&W's from my Best buy days I said what the heck, maybe they'll be almost as good as my ... beats... Little to my surprise I heard what a detail was and that there was more to life and sound than bloated bass and looks. From that moment on I was changed from a person that followed the crowd to someone that could make his own way  which lead me to great sites like that has forever changed my life (and destroyed my wallet). Headphones to me are a way to escape to world we know and for a few moments let it all go and just relax, or load up on my favorite Dubstep tracks and disappear into another universe where robots and drops rule the world. Don't worry if you don't get that last line... Its a Dub thing...

Now on to my pick!

I'm going to have to go with my Denon D5000's and Fiio e11 to give it that extra something.

So there you have it!

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, D5000's, my little Fiio. Throw in a bottle of JD Honey and after that I'm good! Now, lets light this candle and get this thing over with!


Ok, now its your turn, lets see what we can come up with!

Thank you all for playing along and enjoy your last day (insert evil laugh)

Thank you for the read,


Side Note: I wrote this post a few months back (obviously) before my inventory was improved buy adding the e17/e9k stack and the famed/notoriously talked about HD650's. My opinions have probably changed a bit on the headphone and amp but the song will now and forever be the one.

Thanks again

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